GOOSH INC is a company integrating design, production, wholesale and retail. The predecessor of the company was established in 2007; the company has a manufacturing team of 500 people in China, a 300,000-foot production workshop, and the American company has a design team, sales team, network operation team, and storage center; it serves customers with fast and flexible efficiency. The GOOSH brand is committed to creating customer first, serving many families, and winning the welcome of consumers; as long as the important concepts of quality first, service first, pursuing innovation, and embracing change, the GOOSH brand will better stay in the hearts of customers.
Worry-free consumption, with quality as the guarantee, to serve customers. GOOSH brand will adhere to the principle of customer first. While developing the brand, making the user experience more comfortable and happier is the embodiment of the GOOSH brand vision: make your vacation happier!